Health and longevity

Physiological and psychic life rehabilitation
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TCM has numerous methods for life cultivation, but it emphasizes comprehensive regulation so that people should not focus on or have partiality for one method only. Meanwhile, perseverance is required to achieve more overall and comprehensive prevention of diseases and health care as well as functional rehabilitation from natural environment to food, clothing, shelter and transportation, from life preference to mental hygiene, from enhancement of physique with drugs to health care through sports, etc. More information, please read Treatment Based on Root.

The principle of treatment based on the individual physique, seasonal conditions and local conditions in the basic TCM theories is also applicable to health preservation activities and rehabilitation treatment. People differ in sex and age; time includes four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter while geography varies in south and north as well as high and low. All these should not be lumped together. Different methods of health preservation and rehabilitation should be reasonably adopted on the basis of differentiation of the similarity and difference according to the following discussion in each chapter to achieve the best health care. More information, please read Abidance by Individuality-Locality.

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