Therapies with recreation for life cultivation in TCM

Singing therapy in traditional Chinese medicine
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Singing therapy is a method to promote life cultivation and rehabilitation by asking patients to sing songs. Singing songs requires concentration of the mind and imagination in order to enter the artistic conception. Meanwhile, regulating bodily postures is needed to direct air and produce sounds. Therefore, singing is the massage beneficial to viscera. Besides moulding sentiments and enhancing health, singing therapy may be applicable to emotional depression and pessimism after being wounded, ill and handicapped as well as various diseases concerning these factors. More information about Chinese medicine, please read Impotence in TCM.

In addition, it may be applicable to asthma at the stage of recovery. This is because that singing songs can remove the obstruction of air passage, enhance thoracic and diaphragmatic movement, and is thus beneficial to the discharge of sputum and saliva as well as the enhancement of respiratory function. Moreover, singing songs can train and restore the physiological functions of the throat, lips, palates and vocal folds. Accordingly, it is applicable to diseases such as ankyloglossia, stiff tongue, facial paralysis and dysphasia as well as difficulty in raising the palate upwards, etc. More information about Chinese medicine, please read Causes of Impotence in TCM.

The songs should be selected on the basis of the patient’s musical accomplishment, hobbies, and national customs, etc.

singing therapy in Traditional chinese medicine

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