Heat Clearing Herbs

Fructus Forsythiae (Lianqiao)
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The source is from the fruit of Forsythia Suspensa (Thunb.) Vahl., family Oleaceae. In autumn when the fruits are ripe at the early stage, Lianqiao (Fructus Forsythiae ) collected is known as Qingqiao, when the fruit is completely ripe, the one collected as Huangqiao and the seed as Lianqiaoxin. The crude is used.

Medicinal Properties:
Bitter in flavor, slightly cold in nature and attributive to the lung, heart and gall-bladder meridians.

Clear away heat and relieve toxin, treat carbuncle, disperse lumps and stagnation, expel wind and heat.

fructus forsythiae (lianqiao)


1. It is indicated for seasonal febrile diseases and exterior syndrome of exogenous wind-heat type. Its actions are similar to those of Jinyinhua (Flos Lonicerae), that is, it can also clear away heat and toxin, and is accompanied with expelling wind and heat as well, so it is usually used for heat syndrome due to exogenous attack. For the beginning of seasonal febrile diseases the pathogenic factor of which is in weifen and superficial syndrome of exogenious wind-heat type.
2. Lianqiao (Fructus Forsythiae ) is a common medicine that treats surgical pyocutaneous diseases, can not only clear away heat and relieve toxin but also disperse stagnation.

fructus forsythiae (lianqiao)

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