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Thyme Essential Oil treats fungal infections, nail fungus

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Thyme oil is one of the basic essential oils which has been used for many centuries in natural medicine. With its amazing and unique healing powers and therapeutic properties, it has been one of the primary essential oils that has become a part of natural medicines. This oil is received by steam or water distillation from fresh or dry leaves and flowers of thyme (Thymus vulgaris), sometimes known as red thyme.

This is a versatile oil of amber color, with quite strong herbal aroma. In our times, thyme oil has a vast variety of uses: it plays a role as an important ingredient of various cosmetic products, is used in special essential oil blends for aromatherapy, and it is highly valued as a natural element of various homemade remedies and treatments, especially for skin and hair health.

Thyme oil is considered one of the most potent essential oils, and it is known for causing allergic reactions in some people. Due to high concentrations of thymol and carvacrol, this natural product can cause irritation of mucous membrane leading to common reactions like sniffing or coughs. Also, this oil can cause skin irritation with the symptoms like itching, redness, swelling, and others. Thyme oilIt is highly recommended to avoid using this oil by pregnant and breastfeeding women. For therapeutic purposes, it is highly advised to use thyme oil on small amounts, and always consult with a health care specialist before using any kind of therapy involving this natural product.

Thyme oil is mostly known for its very strong antiseptic properties. It is a common ingredient of natural mouthwashes, hand sanitizers, household disinfectants, and other related products. These very properties of thyme oil can assist in treating and preventing various respiratory system problems: a study of Japanese experts has ended up with discovering an ability of this natural product to eliminate disease causing germs in throat.

Warming and fever reducing effects of thyme oil are also among those therapeutic properties of thyme oil which have been known since the early times. Since the times of ancient Greek and the Roman Empire, thyme oil was one of the natural products recommended for rubbing on the skin to warm up, stimulate blood circulation, relieve tiresome, muscle spasms and joint aches, revitalize and refresh the body. Thy oil is known for its effectiveness for parasitic and fungal infections, including nail fungus, head lice, and so on. 

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