Chronic sore throat treated with Chinese herbs

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A woman receives a throat check. TCM suggest keeping the throat warm, avoiding cold air and spicy food and drinking herbal teas.

In cold, dry weather with polluted air, people frequently feel the need to clear their throats and this may be a sign of Chronic Pharyngitis, chronic inflammation of the throat.

Polluted air, smoking, drinking too much alohol and overusing the voice (a lot of shouting, public speaking or singing) can all cause sore throat, in addition to colds, of course.

TCM suggest keeping the throat warm, avoiding cold air and spicy food and drinking herbal teas. Herbs can help ease discomfort by fighting inflammation and dissolving phlegm, which can block qi or energy.

Sore throat is a problem in cities and more than 80 percent of adults worldwide suffer at some point from throat inflammation, according to the World Health Organizaiton.

But many people know little about chronic sore throat and neglect the problem, which can lead to aggravated symptoms and cause other respiratory ailments, according to Dr Xiangyang, chief physician at Huadong Hospital.

chronic sore throat treated with chinese herbs

Chronic sore throat has various symptoms. Some people have an itchy throat and feel foreign matter, which makes them clear their throat, but they cough up nothing.

Some people may suffer gagging, with sticky phlegm in the throat. Hoarseness and difficulty breathing may also be symptoms.

See a doctor for persistent problems.

Repeated cases of acute sore throught may turn into Chronic Pharynigitis without proper treatment.

Nose problems that require breathing through the mouth can irritate the throat and cause inflammation. People who speak for a living, such as teachers, singers and actors (and some politicians) can also get chronic sore throat.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that energy deficiency, blood stagnation and phlegm are likely causes of chronic sore throat. Repeated or long-term inflammation usually exhausts healthy energy and body fluids, resulting in "deficiency fire" burning the throad.

Invasive pathogenic wind in cold weather may damage yin (cold) energy in lungs, resulting in dryness and throat damage.

Phlegm can be caused by exposure to polluted air, smoking and drinking too much, and eating much spicy and greasy food. This phlegm gradually invades the throat. Phlegm is of two kinds; visible, which is mucus, and invisible, which is retained in organs. It is considered a pathogenic factor which impedes the flow of energy, or qi.

Bad moods also obstruct smooth blood circulation, causing stagnated blood, which also blocks the throat.

Herbs that nourish yin and lungs, such as maidong (dwarf lily turf root), liquorice, and mulberry leaf are often prescribed to relieve chronic pharyngitis caused by yin deficiency and "ascending fire."

Herbs that help dissolve phlegm such as chuanbei (bulbus fritilariae) and oysters for those sore throats caused by phlegm and blood stagnation.

Though throat lozenges can ease discomfort temporarily, Dr Li suggests not taking too much as it can stimulate the throat, disrupt the environment in the mouth and lead to chronic inflammation.

To prevent winter sore throat, Dr Li suggests dressing warmly, drying the body thoroughly after bathing, and wearing masks when going out to guard against cold air entering the throat.

Cigarettes, alcohol and spicy foods inflame mucus membranes, so reduce intake. Avoid speaking loudly. Click here to learn Acute Pharyngitis in TCM.

Gargling with light salt brine and drinking a cup of light salt brine afterwards can help clean and nourish the throat and prevent inflammation. Some herbal teas like pangdahai (boat sterculia seed) and chrysanthemum can also help.

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