Hoarseness and Acute Tonsillitis
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Hoarse throat or laryngitis primarily provides obstruction in our daily smooth voice and can sometimes cause coughing and severe pain in the throat. The degree of pain varies from mild to severe. It hampers with the volume of our voice often causing a strange huskiness or raspiness to enter our dialect. Though not very hazardous to our body it is most certainly a nuisance, evading our way to lead a comfortable life. Hoarse throat results also in a parched throat which is what causes the severe bouts of coughing and irritation.

Home Remedies For Hoarseness
Black Pepper
One of the best homemade remedies for hoarse throat is making the use of black pepper. For this kind of treatment you need to mix black pepper and clarified butter in the ratio one is to four. Then take in this mixture in one go. Use teaspoons to make your measurements. It will cause instant relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar
If black pepper fails to work its magic this is the next remedy for you to try. Add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to warm water. Mix well and then drink it. Repeat this procedure once in every seven hours. This is one of the age old remedies used for hoarse throat.

If apple cider vinegar doesn’t suit your needs there is always honey! For using honey you also need basil leaves. Add honey to sufficient quantity of juice of the basil leaves. Now mix them well. Take a spoonful of this mixture and lick it off. It should restore your voice almost instantaneously. 

Salt Water Gargle
Gargling is the first thing that parents always suggest when they hear the raspy sound of your hoarse throat. Gargling with warm salt water twice daily is very helpful in restoring the fine tune of your voice. Salt reduces inflammation and irritation caused in the throat. However be sure not to add too much salt to the water. Too much salt will aggravate your irritation rather than reduce it.

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