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What're the folk recipes for colds

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1) Boiled Cola with Ginger: Peel 20g or 30g of fresh ginger and cut them into pieces; then put them into a large cola and cook the mixture in the aluminium pot until it is boiling. Let it cool and drink it before it goes cold. It is helpful to prevent from the flu.

2) Breathing Steam: At the first stage of a cold, pour the boiling water into a cup and take deep breath against the hot steam until it is cool down. Several times a day and it is helpful to improve the stuffy nose.  

3) Get the face in a hot draught: At the first stage of a cold, get the acupoints of Taiyang and Fengchi in a hot draught with the hair dryer for 3-5 minutes. Several times a day, it is helpful to improve the symptoms and cure the disease.

4) Honeyed mashed garlic: Mix the equal amount of honey and mashed garlic well and take it with boiled water.

5) Put the feet in hot water (with the temperature that cannot be stand) for 15 minutes. Pay attention that the feet should be covered by water. The feet turn red after that would be better for the prevention of common cold.

6) Get 2 pieces of Shangshizhitonggao, 5 cm long and 5 cm wide. Sprinkle the powder of 2 cold Quick-acting Cold capsules on the center of plaster. Then apply them on the acupoint of Yongquan on both feet separately. Press it for 1-2 minutes and it is applicable for all kinds of common cold.

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