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Functional exercise for deafness

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(1) Massage auricles, lift and pinch the earlobe, massage Fengchi. Also can close eyes and sit quietly, put two index fingers into two earholes, then quickly take out of the earholes, continuously do this exercise for 10 times. It has the effect of restoring consciousness and improving the intelligence, improving hearing and eyesight.

(2) Massage the helix with hands for several times. It can tonify kidney-qi and prevent deafness. Continue to read Chinese Medicine Treatment for Sudden Deafness.

(3) Rubbing palms method: Sit down, rub the center of the palms for 50 times, then press Ermen (TE 21) with warming palms for six times, do this exercise for continuous 23 day. Patients should be quiet and placid in the process of treatment.

(4) Massage ears. Apply gentle kneading and rubbing manipulation to the ears and earlobes when washing the face, or press the ears by two palms, the thumb placed behind the head, and four fingers beating the back side of the head. It can improve blood lymphocinesia circulation and tissue metabolism and relieve tinnitus by stimulating nerve endings.

(5) Tai Chi and Qigong can smooth collateral channels, blood vessels, lymphatic and circulatory system, promote blood circulation and metabolism, improve heart and lung function, treat chronic diseases of alimentary canal, enhance the body immunity, improve the physique, especially have a significant therapeutic effect for a variety of chronic diseases. It’s suggested to take the exercises for more than half an hour a day.

(6) Alternate work with rest, take proper physical exercises and manual labor until slight sweat for half an hour a day, in order to improve the physique to ensure the normal operation of blood.

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