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Dietary therapy for obesity

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1) Steep 15 g of oolong tea in boiling water for 20 minutes for drinking, 5-6 cups of tea per day. It can remove fat, lose weight and keep fit after one month.

2) Decoct the 50g of mung bean, 1 lotus leaf and right amount of white sugar, take as a drink.

3) Decoct Corn stigma (Stigma Maydis) and take it as a drink frequently. It can disinhibit urine, lower blood pressure and promote secretion, and take a good effect on obesity, chronic nephritis, cystitis, cholecystitis, rheumatism, hypertension, etc.

4) Wash 500g of soybean clean, fry it for 20-30 minutes until it become golden yellow, put it into a bottle , add edible vinegar into the bottle, soak for 7 days before eating, take 10-20 soaked soybean in the morning and in the evening.

5) Wash 250g wax gourd clean, cut it into slices, make soup without salt for eating. Continue to read Chinese Medicine Treatment for Obesity.

6) Wash 1-2 cucumber with warm water, eat raw cucumber every day, or mix with sesame oil and garlic for eating. Fresh cucumber contains propionic acid which can suppress the sugar in the body turning into fat. So, eating cucumber can remove fat and lose weight.

7) Wash it clean, take it as a fruit, 2-3 each day. More information about Weight Loss, please click to read Weight Loss Formula.

8) Wash right amount of chives clean, cut it into segments and fry it for eating. Chives can promote defecation and improve the excretion of the surplus nutrition in the intestinal tract.

9) Eating 2-3 tomatoes each day can replenish multivitamin and avoid getting fat.

10) Baking and eating right amount of sweet potatoes frequently can promote defecation, promote metabolism and lose weight.

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