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How TCM diagnoses toothache

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It can be divided into two categories: primary toothache and concurrency toothache.
(1) Primary toothache is caused by teeth and gums. It can be caused by tooth decay, known as pulpitis or periapical periodontitis. This kind of toothache manifested as the teeth already have tooth decay, especially is very sensitive to the sugar, dairy products and cold or hot goods. So, the onset of toothache is drill-like pain, at the same time, often without gum response, generally much pain at night than during the day, and lying than sitting.

Toothache caused by periodontitis. Patients with periodontitis may not have toothache, but suffer from toothache after atrophic gum. Therefore, this disease is mainly seemed among the middle-aged and aged people. Different people has different rang of pain. Some people pain just in one tooth or two or three adjacent teeth. Some people pain in the upper and lower gums and a large range of teeth. The reasons causing periodontitis are not the teeth themselves, are anaerobe in the oral cavity inducing inner gum, i.e. periodontium congestion and inflammation, which stimulate the dental nerve, lead to pain (especially the sore pain). The pain is aggravated when chewing the foods. This kind of toothache is not accompanied with red and swollen gum. Continue to learn Chinese Medicine Treatment for Acute Epiglottiditis.

(2) Red and swollen toothache. Main symptoms: Main occur in the upper and lower gums of back groove teeth, also named acute gingivitis, or "Wind-fire toothache", accompanied with serious swollen gum, pain mainly in gum and will be aggravated when touching, more pain when opening the mouth or chewing the foods. Serious patients suffer from sore throat, swollen lymph node, fever, and difficulty in defecation or constipation, red tongue with thick, dry or yellow coating. All these syndromes shows that the acute inflammation of gum caused by pathological changes in the body (commonly known as "excessive internal heat"). The reasons of pathological changes are not caused by gum and tooth or oral cavity. So, this kind of toothache alsois named concurrency toothache.
Neuropathic toothache, commonly known as "toothache due to deficiency fire", is not directly related to gum and tooth. Many other reasons in the body cause dental nerve excited, leading to pain in root of tooth. The reasons of staying up late or other pathological changes of the five sense organs or headache may cause this kind of toothache. So, it is ranked as concurrency toothache. This kind of toothache, which is mainly seem among adult or middle-aged and aged people, often occurs radioactive sore pain or dull pain, accompanied with loose tooth. The pain may last for a monument, and is gradually disappeared after 2-3 days.

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