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What're the folk recipes for toothache

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(1) Frequently gargling with salt water can treat toothache. The salt water is one of the best astringency and hemostasis formula, which can wipe out objects in the mouth. So, it’s helpful for relieving pain to frequently gargle with warm salt water (rather than hot water). But patients should pay attention not to swallow the salt water.

(2) Clove oil contains 80% eugenol, which has localized anesthesia property, and cheaper than common localized anesthesia (such as Anbesol), but the taste is not good. Clove oil can be bought in healthy food store. When using, drop several drops of clove oil in the cotton ball, then bite upon the pain teeth. It would take better effect if cotton ball press on the pain area.

(3) Wash 20g of Cape Jasmine Fruit and 60g of lean meat clean and cut into slices, boil them with right amount of water upon a aluminium pot for one hour, add right amount of salt, aginomoto, ground pepper, once a day, continuously take 4 days. It’s applicable to decayed tooth pain and toothache due to wind-heat.

(4) Boil 2 eggs until they are well-done, shell them, then boil with 30g of Adenophora Stricta and right amount of water for above one hour, season it with right amount of crystal sugar. The eggs can be eaten and the soup can be drunk. It’s applicable to toothache and pharyngalgia due to vacuity fire flaming upward.

(5) Ginger has the effect of diminishing inflammation and relieving pain. When toothache occurs, patients can bite a small ginger slice upon the sore part, repeat use it if needed, or keep in the mouth during sleep. This recipe is securing and credible. Continue to learn Chinese Medicine Treatment for Acute Epiglottiditis.

(6) Relieve toothache by gourmet powder: Apply little amount of gourmet powder to the pain teeth, or add right amount of gourmet powder into a cup of hot water until it melt, gargle with it repeatedly after the water is cold. This recipe is very effective for relieve pain.

(7) Odontalgia Nervosa (include irritable toothache): Soak 10 black pepper into one liang (a unit of weight= 50 grams) of spirit with alcohol content above 50% for two days, then drink one mouthful of liquid and keep in the mouth for 3 minutes, spit out after 5-6 minutes, twice a day, it can be cured after two times. This recipe is very effective.

(8) Toothache duo to wind-fire (include pain of tooth decay): Mix 2g of sodium bicarbonate or soda with honey into paste, then dip in the paste with cotton ball to the pain parts, twice a day, the pain is relieved quickly in one day.

(9) Odontalgia Nervosa also named toothache due to deficiency fire. The best medicine for this type of syndrome is stew lean meat with 10 Chinese Caterpillar Fungus for oral administration, which can get an immediate effect of relieving pain.

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