Clinical Examples of Tongue Diagnosis

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Mr. Wang, 67.
First visit: December 16,2005.(Fig.3-80)
He suffered from chronic bronchitis for more than 20 years and was usually apt to exertional sweating, palpitation and shortness of breath. One week before, because of sudden decrease of atmospheric temperature, he experienced cough and asthma, copious whitish and sticky sputum, chest fullness,shortness of breath, sitting and inability to lie down,dark purple tongue, enlarged and fissured tongue, thin fur, full slippery rapid pulse. He was trested by warming and resolving phlegm dampness, regulating qi and activating blood.


Second visit: December 23,2005.(Fig.3-81)
After one-week treatments, cough and asthma were eased, expectoration and chest fullness relieved,tongue became thin and lustrous, tongue fissures and whitish slimy fur reduced. All these signs showed removal of phlegm heat, improved circulation of qi and blood. He was then treated by nourishing spleen and heart, downbearing lungs and resolving phlegm.

(Fig. 3-81)

Third visit: December 30,2005.(Fig. 3-82)
After treatments for more than one month, his condition was obviously improved.Except for morning cough, exertional breathlessness and palpitation, he was almost restored to normal. Tongue became more lustrous and less purple, fur thin, whitish and moist. Also learn Acupuncture Pair Points for chronic bronchitis.



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