Clinical Examples of Tongue Diagnosis

Gastrointestinal dysfunction
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Gastrointestinal dysfunction
Mr. Jiang, 17.
First visit: March 7,2006 (Fig.3- 73).
He had pain in the right-lower abdomen for two weeks, poor appetite and thick slimy fur for five years. He was present with the symptoms of tiredness, fatigue, diminished appetite and abdominal distension, belching, yellowish urine, soft stools, pale lips, swollen tongue with teeth marks on its margins, yellowish slimy fur and rapid pulse. Treatment aims to nourish spleen and enrich qi, resolve dampness and clear heat. The herbs are omitted here.


 (Fig.3- 73)

Second visit: April 18,2006 (Fig.3-74).
After one-month treatments, pain was eliminated, with regular appetite, normal urination and defecation, yellowish slimy fur transformed, normal tongue and pulse. Also learn Acupuncture Pair Points for acute gastroenteritis.



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