Diseases of Urinary System

Acupuncture Single Points for male sexual dysfunction
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Male Sexual Dysfunction in males is generally due to indulgence in sex or excessive masturbation, which makes Mingmen fire decline and exhaust the kidney essence. It may also be due to fear, fright or worry, which damages the Qi of heart, spleen and kidney. Greasy food and wine may damage the function of the spleen and stomach in the transportation and transformation, causing dampness to turn into heat. The damp heat drives downward to make the penis unable to erect, resulting in impotence. The therapeutic principle includes activating the Qi of the heart and spleen and invigorating the kidney.

1. Guanyuan (CV 4)
Use Rgy wormwood leaf to make medium sized moxa cones. Moxibustion is used on Guanyuan for 100-200 cones every time. Apply it once a week, 3 times as a course. Pause for 7 days between the two courses.

2. Huiyang (BL 35)
The patient are required to take thr lateral decubitus and genuflex posture, and then the double points are recti-sticked 2 cun, using electro-acupuncture after the Qi arriving with continuous wave, retaining the needles for 30 minutes. Apply it once a day, 5-7 times as a course.

3. Sanyinjiao (SP 6)
The patient lies supinely, and the acupuncture point is disinfected as required. The practitioner presss the Huiyang with the left thumb, and enjoins the patient to inspire with every effort to breathe in air and raise the anus. Make the patient concentrate on the glans. The right hand holds the artery forceps to grip press-needle, sticks upwardly at Sanyinjiao, rotating and kneading, enables the patient to have the sensation of the acupuncture needle, and the sensitivity sensation of the acupuncture needle to trasmit to the glans. Minority patient presents with penis erection. After the technique, it is fixed by adhesive plaster, and presss the perineum for 5 min. The needle is implanted for 3 davs, and after taking the needle, rests for 3 days.

4. Juyang: middle point between Zbibian and Huantiao
Prick the bilateral pubis symphysis obliquely, wait to sense the numb, bulge and pain feeling in the penis root, keep the needle for 30 min, every other 10 min turning needle one time, adopt mild reinforcing and attenuating method one time daily and 10 times for a treatment course.

1. The acupuncture method has obvious curative effect to this disease. The needling sensation should be sensed in the penis or perineum.

2. Generally, the treatment course for this disease is long and recurrent, and it is related with the patient’s mental condition. Therefore the acupuncture point treatment should have treatment course and insist to have interrupted treatment for consolidation even if it has changed for better. And it must coordinate the psycho-treating and the physical training. During the treatment period, sexual intercourse must be avoided, otherwise it would influence the curative effect.
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