Abstinence from extreme emotional activities

Develop good moral cultivation
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Attention should be mainly paid to the following aspects during life and clinical practice. First, develop good moral cultivation, treat people magnanimously and handle things without seeking fame and wealth. During daily life and work, people should actively create a happy environment, treat others open-mindedly and kindly; properly handle the relationships between neighbors and colleagues; do not seek for fame and wealth; do not worry about personal gains and losses. Only in this way can emotions be stable, qi and blood be harmonious. Secondly, overcome the mental pressure due to diseases. Some patients lose their confidence in treating their diseases and are often depressed. Learn more, please go on reading Proctitis in TCM. 

develop good moral cultivation

Therefore, they may become agitated and furious just for some trifles. As for these patients, the medical and nursing staff should enlist their trust and then help them establish their confidence in defeating the diseases and root out the bad emotions with scientific reasons and specific examples. Thirdly, the medical and nursing staff should try to seek the patients' cooperation and straighten them out with scientific and proper methods as far as the bad emotions are concerned. The methods to regulate emotions include patient-pleasing method, method of checking one emotion with another, suggestion method, and method of straightening out patients, etc. Learn more, please go on reading Causes of Proctitis in TCM.

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