Abstinence from extreme emotional activities

Keep optimistic emotions
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Normal emotional activities are the protective reactions of the organism to the outside irritating factors and harmless to somatopsychic health. Optimistic emotions and being full of vigor are of great significance in maintaining health, eliminating diseases and prolonging life. Nevertheless, extreme emotional activities may turn out to be pathogenic factors, giving rise to the occurrence or the deterioration of diseases. The commonly-seen emotional pathogenic factors fall into two categories. The first category is the great emotional variations, extreme and violent emotional activities like overjoy, fury, sudden terror and great fear. Click here to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Gastritis.

keep optimistic emotions

More often, these emotional activities may cause diseases and injure people such as mental diseases due to sudden psychic trauma and abrupt onset of apoplexy due to great anger impairing the liver. The other category is the less extreme emotional variations with long duration like prolonged melancholy, prolonged grief or overanxiety. If such bad states of the mind last long, people are also very susceptible to diseases like neurasthenia, ulcer, hypertension and cancer. The occurrence and development of these diseases are all related to the chronic mental stimulation to a certain extent. Click here to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Chronic Gastritis.

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