Colostrum offers benefits than just an immune system booster

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Research has recently shown that colostrum also helps slow down the aging process. While many people believe feeling old is a state of mind, aging is a natural biological process. Changes in our cells, muscles, and immune system due to aging may sound like they are a series of irreversible processes but they can be slowed down with colostrum. Since colostrum contains growth factors, it can stimulate our skeletal and muscle growth on a cellular level while regulating our metabolism.

Colostrum also contains these other anti-aging properties:
Rejuvenates muscles
Metabolizes fat
Reduce inflammatory pain
Repairs RNA and DNA
Increases strength and stamina
Supports immune system
Improves allergies
Aids the digestive process
Enhances nutrient absorption
Regulates serotonin and dopamine

Colostrum contains growth hormone. Our growth hormone helps our long bones, joints, and muscles grow, and as we age our bodies produce less growth hormone. After a while we tend to experience osteoporosis and less lean muscle mass making our bodies frail and fragile. By the age of 80 we are essentially producing no growth hormone; hence we age and die because our bodies no longer produce new cellular tissue.

Colostrum’s growth factors are the actual hormones that stimulate the normal reproduction of body’s cellular tissues, and while typically ingested by babies to ensure healthy growth, people that have begun to age can find this very beneficial to their circumstances as well. A few years back the New England Journal of Medicine stated that the most effective anti-aging process would simply be the replacement of growth hormones at the proper levels to slow and possibly stop aging processes, if not eventually reverse it.

Almost all of the anti-aging effects of growth hormone therapy are a result of increasing the body’s concentration of IgF1 and IgF2. These are the most active ingredients found in colostrum and colostrum supplements. IgF1 and IgF2 tell the body how to use fat, sugar, and protein which has been obtained by consuming food. They also simultaneously control how cells grow and repair themselves increasing the anti-aging benefit of a colostrum supplement. This natural nutrient is able to supply a powerful cocktail of immune-boosting ingredients, growth factors, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids to our body as we mature and get older.

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