Natural Acne Treatment Methods

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Mainstream, over-the-counter or prescription medications can not only be costly acne solutions, but harmful to your body in the long run. However, there are a number of natural remedies that are a healthy and powerful solution to conquering a bothersome bout of acne.

Tea-tree Oil and Lemon Juice
Thirty minutes prior to your daily shower, rub a moderate amount of pure lemon juice over your face. This may sting or itch for about a minute, but this is the antiseptic properties of the lemon at work.

Next, rub in about a dime size drop of tea-tree oil. Let this sit on the skin for a maximum of 30 minutes before showering or rinsing from your face. Repeat this three times a week and watch your acne begin to diminish naturally leaving you with clear, smooth skin.

Oatmeal Raspberry Scrub
Pour about ? of a cup of oatmeal into a mid-size mixing bowl. In another bowl, crush about a half cup of raspberries and add them to the oatmeal. Mix in one egg, one teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon or two of vinegar.

Thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your face with warm water and immediately apply the oatmeal mixture before the skin dries completely. After about thirty minutes, rinse your face with cold water. Repeat this once a week until your skin is clear.

Cinnamon and Honey
The antioxidants associated with cinnamon are highly concentrated and extremely powerful when used as an acne treatment in conjunction with honey. All you need is a small bowl of pure honey. Add a full tablespoon of fresh ground cinnamon to the honey and stir until the cinnamon is evenly distributed. Apply the paste on the areas of your face that are the most prone to outbreak in a circular motion. Leave it on overnight and rinse your face thoroughly in the morning. This can be done daily.

One extremely effective treatment for acne that is very little known is basil. Using fresh basil leaves, simmer them in water for ten to fifteen minutes. When the time is up, immediately transfer the mix into the refrigerator in order to cool. About two hours later when it is ready, use a cotton ball to dab the solution onto the affected areas. Not only will this effectively treat your acne, but basil has shown to reduce scarring as well.

Egg Whites
Egg whites are another simple and quick solution to fighting acne naturally. Just dot a small amount directly onto the acne itself before bed and rinse your face in the morning. If you prefer, you can even rub the egg whites all over the face, similar to how you would apply a mask. Many times people see results as early as the very next morning.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Another simple treatment for reducing acne, particularly cystic acne is apple cider vinegar and salt. Dip a cotton swab into the vinegar and then into a small amount of salt. Hold this to the problem area for at least two minutes. This reduces swelling and disinfects the area, preventing possible spreading of the condition.

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