Shanxi has been pushing its TCM GOING OUT strategy

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Shanxi and Mexico City signed a Memorandum of Understanding relating to health care in Taiyuan on Nov 8, marking the first time the two have cooperated in that field.

According to the agreement, Shanxi province will work with Mexico City in popularizing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), promoting a Mexican model of family doctors and advancing business and communications between medical professionals.

They will also carry out clinician training and organize a series of forums and seminars to boost innovation and further scientific research, helping facilitate the implementation of policies in the fields of TCM and public health.

The visit to Taiyuan and signing of the agreement were follow-ups to the Shanxi medical delegation's trip to Mexico City in December 2015. José Armando Ahued Ortega, director of the health department of Mexico City, expressed his confidence in the future partnership with Shanxi province in health care services after the tour.

The cooperation will enhance communication with foreign countries owning advanced medical services and technology as well as improve the skills of doctors in Shanxi and the treatment they can provide for patients.

Shanxi has been pushing its TCM "going out" strategy and broadening access for the training of medical specialists in recent years. The province has teamed up with several medical institutions, such as Harvard Medical School and Yaounde Women and Children's Hospital in Cameroon. It will train more than 10,000 medical professionals over the coming three to five years.

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