Irregular Menstruation TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for irregular menstruation

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1) Do some systemic aerobic exercise to relieve stress and increase the respiratory and circulatory level, such as brisk walk, jogging, aerobic gymnastics, social dance, bicycling (with a stationary bike that resistance can be increased would be better), life cultivation exercise, Taiji and so on.

2) Yoga is the one of the most suitable exercise for the women in the menstruation. Women can regulate the bad feeling in the menstruation from the physical and mental level by taking yoga.

3) Take moderate exercise in the menstruation. It is not harmful to the health but instead it is beneficial to keep the menstruation smooth. Taking exercise to extend limbs and stretch waist and chest in the menstruation can regulate nervous system function to balance the excitability and inhibition of cerebral cortex. It will help us to improve our whole body capacity and then adapt the changes of body function in the menstruati

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