Irregular Menstruation TCM Therapy

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How to prevent irregular menstruations

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1) Keep a good mood as usual in the menstruation and avoid sensitive state as the excitement, depression and anger usually lead to delayed menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and so on.

2) Keep warm in the menstruation and avoid catching cold, getting in the rain, wading into the water or swimming. Besides, don’t sit at the cool and moist place or the ventilated place of the fan and air-conditioning. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Irregular Menstruation.

3) Have a reasonable rest schedule in the menstruation and avoid strenuous exercise and manual labor and have a balance between work and rest. Hard work in the menstruation will lead to the lengthening of menses or profuse menorrhea; on the other hand, excessive ease and stagnation of qi and blood will lead to dysmenorrhea and so on.

4) Eat more boiled water in the menstruation and avoid drinking strong tea.  Because it contains a high percentage of caffeine which will stimulate the nervous and cardiovascular system then lead to dysmenorrhea, to the lengthening of menses or profuse menorrhea. Meanwhile, tannin in the tea will combine with iron from the food in the intestine to get a precipitation. And it will influence the absorption of iron then lead to anemia. Besides, avoid smoking, drinking and strong irritant food in the menstruation.

5) As a certain amount of blood will be reduced after the menstruation every month, so people should appropriately increase nutrition such as protein, vitamin, iron, calcium and so on. Besides, people should increase the intake of eggs, lean meat, fish, bean products, fresh vegetable, and fruit etc. in the menstruation. One week before the menstruation, people should have a bland diet which is digestible and nutritious and avoid excessive eating. Eating to much spicy and invigorating-Yang food will lead to early menstruation, profuse menorrhea and so on; Eating to much cold and raw food will lead to dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, leukorrhea diseases and so on. What’s more, pay attention to drink more water to maintain defecate unobstructed and reduce congestion of pelvis.

6)  Pay attention to hygiene, prevent infection; pay attention to hygiene of the external genitalia; avoid sexual intercourse in the menstruation; people should wear soft cotton underpants with good ventilation function and they should be changed and washed regularly. The washed underpants should be dried off in the sunshine. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Irregular Menstruation.

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