Menopausal Syndrome TCM Therapy

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Cupping Therapy for menopausal syndrome

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Acupoints Selected: Xinshe, the urinary bladder meridian line on two sides of chest to sacral segment backbone .

Cupping Method:
You should adopt multi-cupping in alignment to suck the above acupoints and infected sites. You should use dermal needle to prick these sites until flush of the skin, and then use multiple cupping in alignment to suck the acupoints, retaining it for 15-20 minutes. For those who suffer from facial fever, upset, serious insomnia and hyperhidrosis, you should adopt pure cupping Yongquan (KI 1), Laogong (PC8) in addition; while, for those who suffer headache and dizziness, you should add Taiyang (EX- HN 5) for pure cupping.

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