Tennis Elbow TCM Therapy

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How to prevent tennis elbow

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Change the life-style: The life-style is very important; please remember that the external humeral epicondylitis is the symptom of excessive strain; so 5 minutes of warm-up should be taken before exercising to regulate the muscle. 

Take the elbow buckle: it can reposition the pulling of the disorder elbow; and the pain can be greatly relieved by taking the elbow buckle.

Cold and Hot Application:  Apply the ice bag on the elbow joint for 15-20 minutes with a interval of 2-3 hours; which can relieve the pain and swelling around the elbow joint. Taking the cold and hot application alternatively can make the elbow joint feel better. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Tennis Elbow.

Restrict the Swelling: Try to keep the effected elbow joint above the heart; which is helpful to prevent and restrict the swelling which causes the pain.
Exercise: Take some exercises to draw and strengthen the muscle gradually, especially the muscle of forearm; try to take the exercise for strengthen force until the pain is stopped.

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