Acute Gastritis TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for acute gastritis

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1) Yam, Lily and Chinese Dates Soup
Ingredients: Yam 90g, lily 40g, 15 pieces of Chinese dates, Job’s-tear seed 30g and moderate rice.
Cook all the ingredients for the gruel and take it in twice on the same day. It is applicable to the insufficiency of the stomach-yin and its manifestations include the dull pain in the stomach, hungry but without desire to eat, dry mouth and throat, marasmus of body, red tongue with less coating, thready pulse. Click to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Chronic Gastritis.

2) Fructus amomi and Mutton Soup
Get 10g if the fructus amomi, 3g of the white pepper, several sliced ginger and moderate mutton to cook for the soup; add moderate salt when the soup is done; it is applicable to the insufficiency-cold of the spleen and stomach and its manifestations include dull pain in the stomach, which is relieved by warmth and pressure, vomiting of clear fluid, cold limbs, lassitude, pale tongue with white coating, thready pulse.

3) Sir-fired Jew’s Ear with Sliced Meat
Soak 15g of dry Jew’s-ear in the warm water to make them bulge; slice 60g of lean meant and stir-fry them for 2 minutes; add the Jew’s-ear and go on stir-frying with moderate salt; add water and smolder for 5 minutes then it will be ok for serve; take it 3 times a week; it is applicable to the gastrosia due to emotional disturbance which belongs to the liver-qi attacking the stomach and its manifestations include fullness and extending in the stomach, pain in the chest, belching, sour regurgitation, which attacking due to emotional factors, thin and white coating, wiry pulse.

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