Acute Gastritis TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for acute gastritis

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1) People should with small exercise intensity when taking exercise at the beginning; such as take a slow walking with the whole body relaxed for 20-30 minutes each time; keep the exercise sphygmus at the about 110 times one minute; it is good for regulating the nervus centralis system and improving the whole body and the stomach and intestine function.

2) Taking proper massage treatment can regulate the nerves function of the stomach and intestine, relieve the autopsyche symptoms and improve the digestion function.

3) Its better take the exercise forms of walking or Taiji; people with weak constitution take the both forms together to avoid sweating and over-force; Click to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Chronic Gastritis.

4) Keep a kneeling forward and from the knee to the toes should touch the ground; keep the upper body straight and hands hang naturally; sitting down slowing until the whole body on the ankles with the hands putting on the knees naturally while keep a normal breathing; keep this posture for 30 seconds and then relax to get the upper body forward; repeat it for 3-5 times; it is good for diminish flatulence, syndrome of the stomach and the intestine (such as the gastrointestinal spasm, diarrhea, etc.) and strengthen the muscle of the thigh.

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