Acute Gastritis TCM Therapy

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What're the folk recipes for acute gastritis

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1) Get 1000-1500g of the fresh lotus root and wash them clean; heat up in the boiling water and pound them for the juice; infuse the juice in boiling water for a drink; take it in twice in the same day; or get 500g of fresh lotus root (joints removed) and 50g of the ginger; wash them clean and chop them into paste; wrap with the gauze to wring for the juice; infuse the juice in boiling water for a drink.

2) Get 60g of the polished round-grained rice and 5g of the fructus amomi fine powder; cook rice with moderate water for the gruel; add the powder when the gruel is done; go on cooking until it is boiling for twice and serve; take it in the morning and at night. Click to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Gastritis.

3) Get 100g of the fresh potato and 10g of the ginger; press them for the juice and add 30ml of fresh orange juice to mix them well; take 30 ml of the juice daily.

4) Get 750g of the corn cob, 6g of the golden cypress and 6g of the dry ginger; grind them into the fine powder; take it with the warm water for3 times a day and each time for 3g.

5) Get 3g of the green tea and dry sliced ginger respectively; infuse them in the boiling water and soak for 30 minutes with cap covered; take it as a drink for several times a day.

6) Keep a supine position and male the navel exposed; place a pillow under the knees to make them slightly bent; first, fill in the navel with the lily white and dry salt (with the lake salt will be better); then place a ginger piece with a thickness of 0.2 centimeter and the diameter which is a little bigger than the umbilical opening on the salt; besides, of prick several holes on the ginger piece; at last, get a moderate mugwort on the ginger piece to take the moxibustion; take 5-7 sections of the mugwort each time and once daily; burning the end of  mugwort and take smoking-moxibustion face to the Zusanli with a distance of 0.5 cun to 1.0 cun until the warm sensation is gained; go on the moxibustion when the warm sensation disappear; each point for 10-15 minutes and take the moxibustion every another day; five days is a course of treatment and 1-2 courses to be taken for the treatment.

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