Carpal Tunnel Syndrome TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for carpal tunnel

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1) Chestnut and Egg Soup
Ingredients: A half peeled chicken (about 500g), fresh chestnut 500g, dried mushrooms 30g and 2 slices of ginger.
Process: Scald the chestnut in the boiling water and then peel them; soak the dried mushrooms, remove the roots and rinse; rinse chicken and cut into pieces; cook them in moderate water with high fire till it is boiling; after that, turn to the low fire cooking for 1 hour; add the mushrooms cooking for another 20 minutes; season and serve;
Efficiency: To promote qi and nourish blood, yin and kidney. The vitamin B2 can be supplemented and the Canales carpi Syndrome can be prevented due to long-term taking of it.

2) Cooked Mushroom with Cole
Ingredients: Cole 500g, mushroom 25g, chicken oil 75g, watery amylum 20g, cooking wine 5g, refined salt 5g and monosodium glutamate 2g.
Process: Remove the cover of the cole and keep the side (3-4 pieces of leaves); pare each with knife to a cone and rinse; soak mushroom in boiling water to remove the dregs and cut the roots; heat the 50g of oil hot, add in the cole to stir-fry; then add the mushroom, mushroom soup, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate and refine salt to stir-fry them well; sprinkle the watery amylum slowly and add in another 25g of oil and serve; avoid smashing the cole while stir-frying; it is beautiful in color and looks very fresh.

3) Three Delights
Ingredients: Moderate amount of fresh mushroom, fresh bamboo shoots, shii-take and seasoning.
Process: Rinse the first three ingredients and cut them into shreds; chop the ginger for later use; heat the oil in a wok and fry the chopped ginger; stir-fry other ingredients and sprinkle on the sesame oil; this dish contains plenty amount of vitamin and can be for long-term taking, which is helpful to prevent the Canales carpi Syndrome. 

4) Get a local chicken and 30g of Panax pseudo-ginseng and pound them into paste; cook the ingredients for the soup, eat chicken and drink soup; take it once a week and 3 courses of treatment to be taken.

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