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How TCM diagnoses carpal tunnel syndrome

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If there are one or two symptoms of the pain, numbness and depauperate thenar muscles of the thumb and middle finger, the attack of this disease should be considered. It should be paid attention especially for the people with the history of waking up in the night due to the numbness.

The following tests are helpful for the diagnosis:
1) Percussion test: Knock the right middle nerve area which is the inside of the wrist and there will be the radioactive pain in the effected thumb and middle finger.

2) Phalen test:  The patient is asked to hold their wrist in complete and forced flexion (pushing the dorsal surfaces of both hands together). By compressing the median nerve within the carpal tunnel for 40 seconds, the severer numb and pain sensation over the fingers conveys a positive test result.

3) The X-ray examination and electromyogram are helpful for the diagnosis.

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