Carpal Tunnel Syndrome TCM Therapy

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How to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

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1) The chair should be at a proper height which can provide people an enough space for holding the legs and feet when people are sitting; avoid a long time of sitting or standing.

2) The back should keep straight when sitting and avoid the both legs crossed; which can prevent the blood circulation from being influenced.

3) Keep the fingerboard right against the people when typing; the excessive bending and tightening of the wrist can be caused if the fingerboard is placed sideling; and both the height of it is placed and the parallel distance between it and the people should make people feel comfortable; meanwhile, a brief rest for the hands and eyes should be taken every 30 minutes of the manipulation.

4) Most people hold objects with the thumb, forefingers and middle fingers; it may increase the pressure on the wrist and then lead to the inflammation of the corresponding tendon; holding or turning around the objects with the palm or the whole hand can disperse the pressure.

5) For the old people, they can move the wrist joint or take several exercises of the wrist after work.

6)Eat more food which contain plenty of vitamin B such as yeast, rice bran, graham food, oat, peanut, pork, most kinds of vegetables, wheat bran and milk; the cold, raw, spicy and irritating food should be avoided.

7) Take proper rest and enough sleeping; avoid pressure on the hands and elbows; protect the effected area well in daily life to avoid the secondary injury such as scald, brush burn, etc.

8) Avoid smoking as it will restrain the circulation of all the parts of the body which include the wrist and hands.

9) Reducing weight as overweight may constrict the middle nerve of the wrist; so people should keep a proper diet and take more exercises to maintain the weight at a standard range; the fluctuating range shouldn’t excess 5-10 kilograms.

10) Take rest at intervals; the fatigue of joint or muscles show that you should change the posture and movement; take a rest when the hands, wrist or fingers feel fatigue or pain; swing hands or stand up to take walking if possible, or

11) Keep the body and wrist at a comfortable state when working: straight and avoid bending; the height of monitor should be in line with the sight; and the height of the fingerboard or the desk should be in line with the elbow or lower to avoid the wrench, stretching and bending of the wrist; the wrist should be in line with the forearm and ensure that there’s a moderate distance between the body and desk.

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