Carpal Tunnel Syndrome TCM Therapy

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What're the folk recipes for carpal tunnel syndrome

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1) A simple exercise which can prevent and treat the carpal tunnel syndrome effectively if it to be taken for several minutes daily.
The detailed manipulation is as follows:
First step: Stand naturally straight, feet parallel and shoulder-width apart; move backwards the hand with heavy strength for 100 times.

Second step: Walk crossed and turn the wrist; a better effect can be gained if the music is composed; each time is for 10 minutes.

Third step: Keep the five gingers crossed and upturn it; meanwhile, lift it up from colpus over the head to the back for 100 times. 

Forth step: Expand the chest and extend the arms and hands backwards for 100 times. 

Fifth step: Keep the palms downward and the arms extending straight. Move the arms like the wild goose flying for 100 times.

Sixth step: Put the right hand at the back, and then grasp it with left hands from the shoulder; the left hand is taken in the same way instead for 30 seconds; furl the hands at the shoulder, keep the hands folded tightly and extend them into the sky with the hands open; repeat it for 100 times.

Pay attention to take the abdominal respiration and take the movements step by step. This exercise should be taken especially for the people who are easily to get the CTS such as the pregnant women or patients with the disorder of internal secretion.
2) Hold the bottle of certain weight in hands, keep the palms upward and lift it up. Then repeat the movements with the palms downward instead. Take each movement for 25 times to exercise the flexor in the waist.
Efficiency: To prevent and treat the hyperplasia of spur in the waist joint and strengthen the force of the waist joint.

3) Extend the gingers while stretching each parts of the body. Take it for 20-30 seconds each time and for 2-3 times a day.
Efficiency: To strengthen the resistance of joint and promote and blood circulation.
4) Clench the fist while inhaling and then exhaling forcibly and quickly extending the little finger, ring finer, middle finger and forefinger orderly. Take the left and right hands for 10 times respectively.
Efficiency: To exercise the joints of hand and relieve the stiff condition.
5) Knead the forefinger with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Take it from the thumb and each finger is for 10 seconds. And smooth the breath.
Efficiency: To promote the blood circulation and relax the body.

6) Press the palms together and rub back-and-forth till a little heat is gained.
Efficiency: To promote the blood circulation of the hand.
Shoulder: Extend the left arm rightward while extend the neck leftward. Pay attention the arm should not be extended too high and there would be a certain distance between it and the chest. Each time is for 30-45 seconds, and then people take the right hand instead.

7) Regulating the body by qigong: Regulate the posture.
(1) Sitting position: Sit on the stool, keep the feet touching the ground, the legs parallel and shoulder-width apart and keep a 90°between the body and thigh. Keep the palms center downward on the knee or place the clenched fist on the lower abdomen; keep the upper body straight with slightly closed mouth and eyes and the tongue touching the palate.
(2) Standing position: Stand with feet parallel and shoulder-width apart, the tiptoe slightly inward and the knee a little bent. Keep the upper body straight and raise the arms to the level of shoulder. Keep the palms center face to face with a distance of about one chi just like holding a big ball.

8) Regulating the body by qigong: Regulate the heart.
(1) Mind concentration method: Keep the mind concentrated on one part of the body, usually the pubic region or Qihaishu (BL24). Keep relaxed when concentrating the mind.
(2) Breath method: Concentrate the mind on breathing and pay attention to the range of abdominal respiration. And keep the mind and breath as a whole.

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