Coronary Heart Disease TCM Therapy

Dietary therapy for coronary heart disease

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(1) Fructus Crataegi (Shanzha)  
Not only resisting myocardial ischemia, but also bringing down blood pressure and blood-fat, it is an ideal dietetic drug for coronary heart disease, especially good for the patients accompanied with hypertension and hyperlipemia. Take 9 to 15g per day. Click to read TCM Treatment for Coronary Arteriosclerotic Cardiopathy.

(2) Macrostemi onion (Bulbus Allii Macrostemi) 
Also known as wild garlic, small garlic, it is a drug often used in TCM to treat obstruction of qi in the chest and precordial pain because it has the functions of regulating the flow of qi, relieving chest stuffiness, activating yang and resolving accumulation of qi. It is often used to treat coronary heart disease with symptoms of deficiency of yang, or stagnation of qi, or accumulation of phlegm. Take 9 to 12g per day.

(3) Lily bulb (Bulbus Lilii)
It can tranquilize the mind and nourish the lung to arrest cough. Those who suffer from coronary heart disease with symptoms of vexation, palpitation and insomnia can take it. Take 9 to 30g per day.

(4) Longan aril (Arillus Longan)
it is also known as dried lon- gan pulp. It can tonify the heart and spleen, invigorate qi and enrich the blood, so patients suffering from coronary heart disease manifested as deficiency of the heart-qi can take it often. Take 9 to 30g per day.

(5) Mulberry (Fructus Mori)
It can nourish yin and sup-plement the blood, and promote the production of body fluid to moisten the intestinal tract. So patients suffering from coronary heart disease marked by deficiency of yin or constipation can take it often. Take 9 to 16g per day.

(6) Poria (Fuling) 
It can tonify the spleen, excrete dampness and tranquilize the mind. It is applicable to patients with coronary heart disease marked by the type of deficiency of the heart-qi manifested as palpitation and insomnia. Take 6 to 12g per day. There is another "kind of poria growing around and against the root of pines, called poria with hostwood (Poria cum Lingo Hospite), which is ideal for tranquilizing the mind.

(7) Gruel of Macrostem Onion and Fructus Crataegi (Shanzha) (Xiebai Shanzha Zhou)
Ingredients: macrostem onion, Bulbus Allii Macrostemi 9g hawthorn fruit, Fructus Grataegi 12g (double it if the fresh is used) polished round-grained rice, Semen Oryzae Sativae 100g
Process: First wash the first two ingredients clean, and then make gruel with all the three.
Directions: To be taken once or twice per day for treatment of coronary heart disease with symptoms of fullness sensation in the chest and obvious precordial pain.

Soup of Seaweed and Laminaria (Haizao Kuenbu Tang)
Ingredients: Seaweed, Sargassum 30g laminaria, Thallus Ecklonia 30g Jew’s ear, Auricularia 15g soybean, Semen Glycinis 200g
Process: Stew all the ingredients together, and when it is done, season it with a little amount of condiments.
Directions: Those who suffer from the coronary heart disease complicated by hyperlipemia and hypertension can take it often.

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