Coronary Heart Disease TCM Therapy

Health care methods for coronary heart disease

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(1) Drug Therapy
1) Internal Medicine
a. Therapeutic Methods: To promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis and dredge collaterals to relieve pain.
Prescription: Modified Xuefu Zhuyu Tang (Decoction for Removing Blood Stasis in Chest)

b. Therapeutic Methods: To activate yang, purge turbidity, eliminate phlegm and relieve stagnation.
Prescription: Modified Gualou Xiebai Banxia Tang (Decoction of Trichosanthis, Allii Macrostemi and Pinelliae

c. Therapeutic Methods: To activate yang with pungent-warm drugs, remove obstruction and expel cold.
Prescription: Modified Gualou Xiebai Guizhi Tang (Decoction of Trichosanthis, Allii Macrostemi and Cinnamomi)

d. Therapeutic Methods: To replenish yin, tonify the kidney, nourish the heart and tranquilize the mind.
Prescription: Modified Zuogui Yin (Decoction for Replenishing Kidney Yin)

e. Therapeutic Methods: To replenish qi, nourish yin, promote blood circulation and activate collaterals.
Prescription: Modified Shengmai San (Powder for Reinforcing Qi and Nourishing Yin) and Renshen Yang-ying Tang (Ginseng Decoction for Nourishing Blood)

f. Therapeutic Methods: To warm yang, supplement qi, promote blood circulation and activate collaterals.
Prescription: Modified Shen Fu Tang (Decoction of Ginseng Rubra and Aconiti Lateralis) and Yougui Yin (Decoction for Replenishing Kidney Yang).

2) External Medicine:
a. Rhizoma Curcumae Longae (Jianghuang)10 g, Wutou ( Radix Aconiti Kusnezoffii or Radix Aconiti ) 5 g, Xuejie (Resina Draconis) 5 g, Hujiao (Fructus Piperis) 1 g, Radix Notoginseng (Sanqi) 3 g, Ramulus Cinnamomi (Guizhi) 5 g, Moschus (Shexiang) 0.1 g, Chuanxiong (Rhizoma Chuanxiong) 5 g and Xiebai (Bulbus Allii Macrostemi) 10 g. Pulverize the drugs and mix the powder with excipient to prepare small plasters (1.5 g drugs each), apply the plasters onto Tanzhong (CV 17) and Xinshu (BL 15). This is applicable to angina pectoris.

b. Zhizi (Fructus Gardeniae) 12 g, Taoren (Semen Persicae ) 12 g and honey 30 g. Pulverize the drugs and mix the powder with honey to make paste. Apply the paste of about 7 cm x 15 cm in size onto the precardial region, cover it with gauze. In the beginning, change the dressing once every 3 days for two times, then change it once every 7 days afterwards, 6 times as a treatment course. This is applicable to various types of CHD.

c. Chuanxiong (Rhizoma Chuanxiong) 4.8 g, Wutou (Radix Aconiti) 15 g, Xixin (Herba Asari) 15 g, Zhifuzi (Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata) 15 g, Rhizoma et Radix Notopterygii (Qianghuo) 15 g, Guixin (Cortex Cinnamomi) 15 g and Shujiao (Pericarpium Zanthoxyti) 15 g. Pulverize the drugs, sift the powder and wrap it with a piece of silk cloth, warm it over mild fire and press the back with it till the chest pain stops. This is applicable to suffocative pain in the chest and back.

(2) Guasha Therepy
1) Prothorax region: Scratching the points of Danzhong and Wuyi.
2) Costal regions: Scratching the points of Dabao and Yuanye.
3) Back: Scratching the points of Xinshu and Feishu.
4) The inside of the forearm: Scratching the right middle of the inside of the forearm and mainly stimulating the Neiguan.

(3) Cupping Therapy
Acupoints selected: Tiantu, Shanzhong, Jujue, Zhongwan, Quze (PC3), Neiguan (PC6), Shenmen (HT 7), Zusanli (ST 36), Danshu (BL19), Jueyinshu (BL 14), Xinshu (BL15), Ganshu (BL 18), and Geshu (BL17).
(1) You should suck the cups onto the Jueyinshu, Xinshu, Neiguan, Shenmen acuptions after flash of fire on the skin, or you can use the cupping method of air pump.
(2) You should move the cup forth and back along the urinary bladder channel of foot-taiyang of Dashu to Geshu and from the ren vessel of Tiantu to Juju as well as from pericardium vessel of hand Jueyin of Quze to Neiguan (PC6).
(3) You should spread the ointment onto the acupoints of Shanzhong, Xinshu, Jueyinshu, Zhongwan, Zusanli, and Neiguan and then cup them after flash of fire.

(5) Foot Massage
Basic Reflection Zone: Heart, adrenal gland, spleen, stomach, lung.
Related Reflection Zone: Thyroid gland and parathyroid bodies.
Symptom Reflection Zone: Lymph gland on the upper body, lymph gland on the lower body, lymph gland on the chest.
Course of the Reflection Therapy: 10 -15 times for one course of treatment, 30-40 minutes for one time, and 1-2 times a day. Take rest for 1-2days between two courses of treatment. During this period, put the feet in pale salt water to recover the sensitivity of the feet to massage.

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