Coronary Heart Disease TCM Therapy

Functional exercise for coronary heart disease

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(1) Exercise for scraping the chest
Essential of exercise: Keep one palm nestling up to the skin tightly and scrape from up to bottom for 30 times and both hands palms are used alternatively. It is better not to wear thick cloth when scraping.

(2) Exercise for flapping the cardiac area
Essential of exercise: Flap the praecordia with right palm or half holed fist for 50 times. And the strength should be in line with the tolerance of the patients. Take abdominal respiration when do the above exercise and centralize the mind; lead the movements by the consciousness and try the best to keep the breath at the same rhythm with the movements. Do the flapping one time a day, one month as one course of treatment and do the exercise for three months continuously.

(3) The exercise method should focus on the aerobic exercise and can be combined with moderate resistance exercise and coordinate exercise; the latter is especially important for the old-age patients with the coronary heart disease. Meanwhile, patients should be encouraged to take some exercise with low strength such as growing flowers, sweeping the courtyard, doing housework, indoor exercise and so on.

(4) Continuous aerobic exercise for the giant muscle group can increase the endurance of the cardiovascular such as walking, riding bikes, jogging, swimming, aerobic and so on. At the initial stage, walk is more superior then other exercises as it is more easily to endure and control the intensity; what’s more, it not easily to cause the injure. Take it for 3-4 times a week and it’s better to insist on taking exercise every day. People can take exercise for 10-15 minutes at the beginning and then gradually increase the time for more than 30 minutes a day. Also, people can take exercise continuously or intermittently with at least 10 minutes for every time. Click to read TCM Treatment for Coronary Arteriosclerotic Cardiopathy.

(5) There some items that patients must pay attention to when taking exercise:
1) Avoid excess eating before exercise;
2) Take exercise step by step and stick to it;
3) Avoid taking bath with hot water immediately after the exercise;
4) Avoid wearing excess thick clothes as they will influence the heat radiation and increase the heart rate. It is better take exercise in the afternoon or the nightfall and choose a place with fresh air and beautiful surrounding. People can take exercise after 8 hour in the morning and the period between the 3pm and 5pm would be best for exercise. It is not suitable for waking up too early and taking exercise immediately after waking up. As the exercise rate for the patient with the heart disese at the beginning is a little low, so the aerobic striding can be taken.

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