Coronary Heart Disease TCM Therapy

What're the folk recipes for coronary heart disease

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(1) Get 50g of bananas and a little honey, peel the bananas and mash them into a paste; add equal amount of honey and mix them well for a drink. It treats the coronary heart disease by reducing the pressure,

(2) Eat three segments of garlic daily for a month and the amount of total cholesterol in the blood will be decreased 10%. There are at least 6 kinds of active ingredients which can reduce the synthesizing of cholesterin by the liver in the garlic; besides, the garlic can increase the amount of the high density lipoprotein cholesterin; and it even can take a turn for the coronary arteriosclerotic condition.

(3) Get 25g of honey, fleece-flower root and the root of red-rooted salvia respectively, and decoct the back two ingredients in water to get the juice by removing the dregs; add the honey to mix them up; take one dose daily. It treats the coronary heart disease by promoting qi and strengthening the middle warmer, nourishing the heart and tranquilizing the mind.

(4) Ingredients: Cucumber 100g, ginger 10g, 2-3 scallion-stalks.
Process: Decoct the ginger and scallion-stalk in water for 15 minutes and then infuse the cucumber by it; drink the soup and eat the cucumber and take it once daily. It treats the coronary heart disease by relieving the middle warmer, regulating of the flowing of qi and removing the obstruction.

(5) Get 30g of peanuts and 50f the polished round-grained rice to cook for the gruel; take it 2-3 times a day and avoid raw, cold and spicy food. It treats the coronary heart disease by nourishing the kidney and heart.

(6) KuanXiong Aerosol or FuFang XiXin Aerosol, Which can be taken by people when the pain attacks.  Click to read TCM Treatment for Coronary Arteriosclerotic Cardiopathy.

(7) Heart Tonic Oil
Apply it on the Renzhong and take deep breath when the pain attacks.

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