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Functional exercise for facial wrinkles

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(1) Laugh and try the best to grin for 10 seconds, then relax for a while, repeat it for 2 times. Then gently pat the cheeks for several times with the palms of both hands to prevent wrinkles.

(2) Reducing wrinkles by chewing. Chewing gum for 5-20 minutes every day can reduce facial wrinkles and make skin rosy, because chewing can exercise facial muscles, improve the facial blood circulation and enhance facial cell metabolism.

(3) Rub the hands, and gentle stroke to the eyelids for 6 times up and down, back and forth, with breathe out, then move eyeballs toward left and right for 6 times respectively, then press Tongziliao (GB 1)">Tongziliao (GB 1) for removing the wrinkles around the eyes.  Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Contact Dermatitis.

(4) In order to prevent and treat the wrinkles, people should not only change the bad living habits, but also keep a good mood, early treat various chronic diseases, rationally use cosmetics, and insist on massaging the face.

(5) Frequently and gently massage face: Relieving the muscle stress help to avoid the expression wrinkles. The gentle massaging movement with hands can effectively disperse the attention of nerve conduction, and then relax the muscles to avoid the expression wrinkles.

(6) Removing wrinkles by massaging: The massaging movements: Raise the head, put both hands on the neck, then press crosswise from down to top, inner to outer for 10-15 times.

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