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How to prevent facial wrinkles

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(1) Peroxide is the major cause of free radicals. If possible, avoiding the peroxide as far as possible, so that cells oxidation can be prevented effectively. For example, reducing smoking and eating fried foods can effectively prevent the formation of peroxide in the body.

(2) Pay attention to moisturize skin at any time. Drink 2,000ml of water everyday and carry moisturizing products to apply to the skin so as to prevent dry thin wrinkles in the face. Small tips for moisturize: Soak the cotton pads into the make-up water and apply to the face for 5 minutes.

(3) Enough sleep can make organs full of energy and indefatigability and  improve the body’s metabolism and other physiological functions. What’s more, combining with a good mood can invigorate people to look younger and prevent skin aging. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Contact Dermatitis.

(4) Dietotherapy has the effect of preventing and reducing wrinkles, because some foods contain certain special compositions, which can delay skin aging, strengthen the structure of the elastic fiber, and enhance the skin elasticity, so as to reduce wrinkles. Chondroitin sulfuric acid is the important composition of elastic fibers. Chondroitin sulfuric acid-rich foods are chicken skin, fin, trout head, shark cartilage, etc.

(5) Nucleic acid, as the prolong life and remain yang drug, can delay aging and beautify skin. The skin cells update once every 15 days. The nucleic acids play important role in the maintenance of the skin. A survey shows if elderly aged women take 800 mg of nucleic acid and 2g of vitamin daily for 4 weeks, their age pigments disappear, wrinkles significantly lighter than before, and dry and rough skins become smooth.

(6) Foods rich in nucleic acid are: fish, caviar, shrimp, oysters, animal liver, yeast, mushroom, edible fungus, pollen and so on. In addition, the germ part of the kidney bean is also a source of nucleic acids. Experts point out that intake of nucleic acid- rich foods, meanwhile people should eat appropriate vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, which is conducive to the absorption of nucleic acids and to ensuring the balanced nutrition. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Contact Dermatitis.

(7) Pay attention to the maintenance and nourishment of whole organs. Particularly emphasis on diet nutrition, which can skin with a plenty of nutrients, mainly including protein, furthermore, can enhance the skin’s elasticity and delay skin wrinkles appear. 

(8) Exfoliating can instantly recover white luster of skin, so that ingredients of maintenance can be absorbed fully. But in many times, exfoliation is also bad to the skin. Not all people are suitable for frequent exfoliation.
The first type: Soft skin dose not need to remove keratin.
The second type: Weak skin, such as skin with acne or anti redness can not to remove keratin.
The third type: The skin which has already exfoliated does not need to remove keratins again. For example, the skin which has already been used the astringent or skin whiting product with the function of exfoliating does not need to remove keratin.

(9) Long-term sunlit and ultraviolet radiation is the most serious cause to affect the skin. Prevent sunlit and ultraviolet radiation is the important way to prevent skin aging.

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