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How TCM diagnoses facial wrinkles

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Skin tissue dysfunction, elasticity decrease, skin lackluster, subcutaneous tissue reduce and thin, skin laxity and droop, wrinkles and skin pigments increase, etc.
Wrinkles can be divided into qualitative wrinkles and unreal wrinkles according to the stability of wrinkles. Unreal wrinkles, which are caused by temporary lack of water in the skin, or lack of oil moist, can be self-fading away. Qualitative wrinkles are specific stable wrinkles, caused by the performance degradation of collagenous fibers and elastic fibers of the skins, leading to the skin resilience and elasticity reduce.

Unreal wrinkles are the earlier stage of the formation of qualitative wrinkles, while the qualitative wrinkles are the developmental result of unreal wrinkles. If the existing opportunity of unreal wrinkles can be reduced, the formation of qualitative wrinkles may be reduced. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Contact Dermatitis.
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