Frozen Shoulder TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for frozen shoulder

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(1) Brandishing fists: Brandish both of the shoulder joints for 15 circles.

(2) Shrugging shoulders: Shrug both of the shoulders upward, downward, front and back with the akimbo posture. Do it 15 times for once.

(3) Seizing the auricles: Seize the auricles with crossed hands and pull them for 15 times.

(4) Raising the hands: Hold the ten fingers together with palms upward, and raise the hands over the head, then shake the hands upward, downward, front and back for 30 times.

(5) Spreading arms: Raise both of the arms upward like bird spreads swings, and then spread the arms upward and downward for 30times.

(6) Raising the head: Put the hands behind the head with palms upward and fingers holding together, then raise the head upward for 20 times.

(7) Shaking elbows: Hold the elbows with two arms and them shake them upward, downward, front and back for 30 times. Do it once every morning and evening.

(8) Practise the Taichi every morning for two times, which is also effective for getting rid of scapulohumeral periarthritis. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Frozen Shoulder.

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