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Definition of heel pain in TCM

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definition of heel pain in tcmCalcaneodynia mainly means the disease characterized by pain and impaired walking due to chronic injury of the base of calcaneus. It mostly occurs in fat and old people. In old people whose liver and kidney are insufficient or in people with general weakness due to protracted disease, qi and blood are deficient, and muscles and tendons are relaxed and weak. What is more, because of fat build and weight gaining, and continuous and too much walking and standing, it will give an excessive load to subcutaneous fat of the heel and plantar fascia, causing strain and degeneration, thus calcaneodynia develops. The disease may also occur in the case that calcaneal spur at the anterior border of tuberosity of calcarneus on its basic aspect damages the attaching points of plantar fascia and short muscle of toe, which leads to a chronic inflammation and resultant pain. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Traumatic Arthritis.
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