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How to prevent heel pain

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1) Control of activity
Rest is needed at the acute stage. After alleviation of symptoms, walking should also be controlled. A soft pad should be put inside the shoe for sick foot so as to reduce pressure on the heel.

2) During the treatment period, a proper rest is needed and the walking and bouncing should be controlled; its better take loose and comfortable clothes and shoes; the sole should be of a certain thickness and which is hard outside and soft inside; the inside of heel should be with elasticity and a soft pad should be put inside the shoe so as to bear the weight in average; an excessive thin or soft sole may easily injury the feet,

3) Keep a good heath habit of the feet. Wash the feet with warm water daily and keep it clean and a good blood circulation of it; then the local inflammation can be reduced to keep the feet healthy.

4) Winter protection and keep warm. Especially to keep the feet warm in winter to prevent from cold. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Traumatic Arthritis.

5) The osteoporosis of calcaneus can be improved via the diet with high calcium. People can take more food contain the calcium such as the peel of shrimp, kelp, laver, crisp fish, seaweed, sesame soy, etc.

6) Keep the weight at a normal range and avoid overweight so as to reduce pressure on the heel.

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