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Functional exercise for heel pain

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1) Take proper exercises persistently such as walking, swimming, Taiji, etc. It can promote the metabolism, strengthen the toughness of bones and increase the sclerotin; which is helpful to prevent from the calcaneodynia.  

2) Patients with inconvenient action can take the shrinkage exercise for muscle of feet every day; which can strengthen the muscle force of plantar muscles and slow down the loosening of ligament. Keep the weight at a normal range and avoid overweight so as to reduce pressure on the heel.

3) Stepping on the cobblestone for 5 minutes every day; which can promote the softening of fibrous tissue. Dig a hole on the heel part of the shoe-pad, which can reduce the pressure on the painful area to relieve the pain. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Traumatic Arthritis.

4) The scientific gait and posture should be taken for the long-term of waling or standing; pay attention to take rest at the intervals to avoid bear burden continuously; then the overfatigue of feet can be prevented.

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