Injury of Collateral Ligament of Knee Joint TCM Therapy

Definition of Injury of Collateral Ligament of Knee Joint

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definition of injury of collateral ligament of knee jointThere are tough medial and lateral collateral ligaments attaching in the both sides of knee joint. When the knee is flexed, the ligaments are relaxed and the knee joint slightly adducts and abducts; when the knee joint is extended, the lateral ligaments are tense, there is no sideways movement of the knee joint. When the knee is in a straightened position and the knee joint is forced to hype revert by the strike of a violent force or the compression of a heavy object on the knee or the lateral side of leg, it may result in injury or rupture of medial accessory ligament. Occasionally, in the case of hyper-inversion of the knee joint caused by a violent force, there may occur an injury or rupture of lateral accessory ligament. Injury of collateral ligament seldom occurs alone, it is often accompanied by the injuries of the capsule of knee joint, the cruciate ligament and the semilunar plate. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Degenerative Arthritis.
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