Injury of Collateral Ligament of Knee Joint TCM Therapy

Preventing Injury of Collateral Ligament of Knee Joint

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(1) Correct falling to the ground skills is very important in preventing knee-joint injuries. When falling to the ground, people should let the front portion of your foot arch on land firstly with knee bent and body slightly keeps forward. Try best to avoid the movements of knee-joint keep sideway or forward or backward. Do remember not to let the knee-joint twist inward when falling to the ground, what’s more, reduce the impact force to the best of individual abilities. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Degenerative Arthritis.

(2) In the emergency treatment, it’s necessary to apply the brake, cold compress, bandage with pressure and raise the patient’s affected limbs in time on the spot.

(3) Usually do not take a bath with cold water. Pay attention to keep warm in winter to prevent the recurrence of arthralgia.

(4) Supplementing protein and fresh vegetables can effectively promote articular cartilage lubrication and improve ligaments elasticity.

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