Injury of Collateral Ligament of Knee Joint TCM Therapy

Exercise for Injury of Collateral Ligament of Knee Joint

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(1) For the case of partial rupture of collateral ligament, exercise on the quadriceps muscle of thigh should be done during the period of fixation. After removal of the fixation, progressive activities of extension and flexion of the knee joint should be practiced. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Degenerative Arthritis.

(2) Patient with mild symptoms can try to walk slowly, pay attention to raise and put down legs slowly in order to avoid hitting the articular surface. The speed of walk should be controlled within 60 steps per minute. Walk for 20-30 minutes each day and insist on 2-3 months. The articular function can be improved.

(3) The intensity of jogging is larger than the intensity of walking. Jogging can get a good effect in a short time. In the process of running, if the joint pain, patient can rest for 2-3 days, or change the exercise of running to walking. Select the soft roadbed to walk, avoid doing exercises on the firm ground to reduce the risk of injury.

(4) Rotating the knees method, also called white crane of rotating knees posture. Stand up with knees adduct and half bent, put two hands on the knees and do the knee-rotating movements. Efficiency: To exercise the knees functional activities, regulate the knees joints veins to make knees joints flexible and balanced. 

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