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Definition of neurasthenia in TCM

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definition of neurasthenia in tcmThis disease belongs to sleepless, asthenia syndrome and depression syndrome in TCM. Neurasthenia is neurosis, manifested as vexation and asthenia, is not caused by pathologic changes of nervous system. Neurasthenia is mainly caused by the cerebrum neural activity is under a constant strain state, leading to a group of nervous functional disorder manifested as nervous irritability, mental fatigue and emotional instability due to brain excitement and inhibits function disorder. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Neurasthenia.

Brain emptiness is the basic pathological changes of neurasthenia, and the basic pathogenesis is kidney-qi and kidney-essence deficiency. Large number of experiments and clinical studies have shown that the elderly with kidney deficiency are mostly manifested as brain function decline, brain nerve cells decrease, the content of neurotransmitter and the quantity of neurotransmitter receptors decrease, endocritic function disorder, immune function decrease, autoimmunity and allergic reaction increase, the volume of internal free radicals and peroxides are increase with increasing age, while the material of the anti-free radical damage decrease, such as the content of SOD decrease. These changes show that the kidney deficiency is an important pathogenesis of neurasthenia.

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