Neurasthenia TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for neurasthenia

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(1) Sit in meditation for half an hour every day and try to get rid of distracting thoughts. Frequently practicing this exercise can achieve the realm of ecstasy.

(2) Taking regular exercises can improve energy, help to fight against neurasthenia. Practice jogging, Tai Chi, etc.

(3) Self-massage: Patients with headache can rub the face, press Taiyang (EX- HN 5). For patients with dizziness, apply Mingtiangu method (knock back occipital bone). For patients with insomnia and palpitation, press Yongquan (KI 1) before sleep.

(4) Run Yongquan (KI 1): Run the hands until hot to rub left sole center by right middle finger until the sole center become hot, then press the right sole center by left middle finger for four times. According to TCM theory, Yongquan (KI 1) locates in the sole center, as the starting acupoints of the kidney meridian of foot-shaoyin, pressing it can make deficiency fire downward to treat insomnia and palpitation.

(5) Walking and travelling: Patients with neurasthenia walking for a long distance can help to regulate pallium excitation and inhibited process and reduce vascular activities disorder. In the regular life, people can keep up their spirits and feel more comfortable after walking. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Neurasthenia.

(6) Skipping and kicking shuttlecock for 60 times per minute, up and down, high and low. In order to avoid fettering by the string or letting shuttlecock fall to the ground, the brain central pivot commands the upper and lower body to cooperate handily. These quick exercises can enhance nervous system function, prevent neurasthenia, nervous headache, insomnia, hypomnesia and so on.

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