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How TCM diagnoses neurasthenia

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(1) Patients with neurasthenia have significant symptoms of weakness or prolonged fatigue. For example, manifested as lack of energy, cachexia, memory loss, mental retardation, without concentration on study and work, work efficiency significantly decreased, even if have enough rest, patients could not eliminate fatigue. In the inspection of the whole body, patients without the physical diseases such as hepatitis or pathological changes of brain organic disease brain, etc. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Neurasthenia.

(2) Perform the any two symptoms in the following symptoms:
a. Easy to excite and fatigue.
b. Great fluctuation of mood, easy to agitate, dysphoria, irritate, anxiety and strain. 
c. Suffer from tension headache or muscle pain due to emotional stress.
d. Sleep-disorder, manifested as difficulty in falling sleep, easily awake and dreaminess.

(3) The above symptoms have bad effect on study, work and social interaction.
(4) The course of disease is more than 3 month.
(5) Exclude other neurosis and metal diseases.

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