Viral Hepatitis TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for viral hepatitis

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a. Recipe of Day Lily and Loach (Jinzhen Niqiu)
INGREDIENTS: Day lily, Flos temerocalis  Immaturus(30g), Loach, M is gurnus Anguillicaudatus(100g),
PROCESS: Make soup with the day lily and loach flesh and season it for eating.

b. Drink of willow Leaf and Water Chestnut (Liuye Biqi Cha)
INGREDIENTS: Willow leaf, Folium Salicis(6g), Water chestnut, Bulbus Heleoharis Tuberosae(500g),
PROCESS: Make decoction with 6 g of willow leaves and 500 g of water chestnuts.
DIRECTIONS: Driak the decoction and eat the water chestnuts; take a dose a day, and several doses successively.

c. Recipe of Canton Love-pea Vine and Lean Pork (Jigu- eao Shouzhurou Fang)
INGREDIENTS: Canton love-pea vine, Herba Abri(60g), Lean pork(100g),
PROCESS: Boil 100g of Canton love-pea vine and 100 g of lean pork in just the right amount of water for two to three hours, remove the dregs and have it seasoned.
DIRECTIONS: Take a dose once a day for several days. Learn more about Hepatitis treatment, please click Hepatitis Tablets.

d. Loach and Bean-curd (Wiqiu Cuan Doufu)
INGREDIENTS: Bean-curd(100g), Living loach, Misgurnus Anguillicaudatus(250g), Corn stigma, Stigma Maydis (wrapped up in cloth),30g;
PROCESS: Have the loach raised in a basin for 1 to 2 days; take it out and put it in an earthenware pot together with the corn stigma and bean-curd; add just the right amount of water to have them decocted. When they are thoroughly done, have them seasoned for eating.
DIRECTIONS: Take it once a day for several days.

e. Decoction of Watermelon Peel and Red Bean (Xiguapi Chixiaodou Tang)
INGREDIENTS: Watermelon peel, Exocarpium Citrulli(50g), Red bean, Semen Phaseoli (50g), cogongrass root, RMzoraa Imperatae(50g)
PROCESS: Make decoction with watermelon peel, red beans and cogongrass root.
DIRECTIONS: Take the decoction once a day, for 5 to 7 days successively.
f. Gruel of Herba Artemisiae Scopariae (Yinchenhao) (Yint, hen Zhou)
Herba Artemisiae Capillaris(30 to 45g), Polished round-grained rice, Semen Oryzae Sativae(100g), White sugar(a bit)
PROCESS: Have some oriental wormwood washed clean and use 30 to 45g at a time; add 200 ml of water and decoct it until lOOml of water is left. Remove the dregs to get the extract; put in 100g of polished round-grained rice, add 600 ml of water and cook until the rice is well-done and the extract becomes thick.  Add a bit of white sugar and go on cooking for a while until it has boiled for a little while.
DIRECTIONS: Take it 2 or 3 times a day, with 7 to l0 days as a course of treatment.
All the above dietetic therapeutic composite recipes can be applied to acute icterohepatitis marked by the type of bile oozing from the gallbladder due to damp-heat accumulating in the liver and gallbladder.

g. Decoction of Four "Red" Ingredients for Tonifying the Liver and Eliminating Dampness (Si Hong Yi Gan Li Shi Tang)
INGREDIENTS: Red bean, Semen Phaseoli(60g), Peanut kernel with red skin, Semen Arachidis(30 g), Red dates(10), Brown sugar(50 g)
PROCESS: Put the red beans and peanut kernels in a pot after washing them clean, add 2000 ml of water to stew them slowly over a low fire for one and a half hours, then, put in the dates and brown sugar and go on stewing for about half an hour until the ingredients are thoroughly done.
DIRECTIONS: Take a small bowlful of it as breakfast or snacks and take it twice a day.

h. Decoction of Oriental Wormwood, Germinated Barley and Jujube (Yinchen Maiya Hongzao Tang)
INGREDIENTS: Oriental wormwood, Herba Artemisiae Capillaris(15 g), Germinated barley, Fructus Hordei Germinatus(20 g), Red dates(10 ), White sugar(a bit)
PROCESS: Put the oriental wormwood, germinated bar-ley and jujubes in a small aluminium pan, add 1000ml of cold water to stew the drugs slowly over a low fire for about half an hour; put in a half spoonful of white sugar and turn off the fire.
DIRECTIONS: Take less than half a bowlful at a time, twice a day. Drink the decoction, eat the dates and discard the dregs.

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