Viral Hepatitis TCM Therapy

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How to prevent viral hepatitis

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(1) Control the source of infection. Quarantine measures should be taken as early as possible for patient of acute hepatitis, segregating the patient from the outside to treat him at home. The patient should segregate himself from others consciously and do not infect others to prevent the transmission and spreading of the hepatitis. When it is not available for him to take treatment in hospital, the patient with acute jaundice should segregate from outside and take treatment at home under the guidance of doctors. Usually, the patient should be segregated from others for three weeks from the attack of this disease(for those patient who can not make sure of the attacking dates, they should calculate from the diagnosing dates) and abide by the following guidances:

1) The patient should not sleep with healthy people; his bedding should be separated from others and sterilized. Learn more about Hepatitis treatment, please click Hepatitis Tablets.

2) The patient's appliances should be separated from others, such as tablewares, appliances for cleaning the mouth, cup, basin,towel and bed pan, etc.  The patient should take meals alone and the foods he left should not be taken by others. Also, the patient should avoid to take foods that could be taken immediately to others, such as cigarette.

3) Books,magazine, articles and toys of the patient should not be borrowed to others, and if they should, they should be sterilized first.

4) In the patient's sicken period, his neighbours and relatives should not make visit to him, especially that children should not play with the patient.

5) During his sicken period, the patient should not make visit to others, go to public places and dine in public places.

(2) Cut off route transmission
1) It is advised to wash hands with flowing water; the syringe needle and needle tubing should be specialized for specific person when they received injection, and those appliances should be sterilized by high pressure and scalding; people are suggested to pay attention to personal hygiene and not to use other ones' living goods

2) Do not take blood transfusion or blood products when it is unnecessary; the person under taking blood transfusion should be selected carefully.

3) Sterilization is also a method for cutting off route transmission, controlling and perishing the source of infection. After the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient's family should undertake sterilization thoroughly in time: the tablewares, appliances for cleaning the mouth and towels should be boiled in boiling water for 30 minutes; furnitures, the surface of articles and the floor should be wiped with 3% bleaching powder; The stool of the patient should be stired with bleaching powder(4 shares of stool and one share of bleaching powder ) or calcined lime(one share of stool and one share of calcined lime) and then outwell them after two hours. The patient should use his own appliances which should be washed by soaking in water with 3% bleaching powder first after he uses them. The patient and his family should wash their hands by 2% water peracetic acid solution for two minutes before meals and after going to washroom. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Viral Hepatitis.

(3) Protect susceptible population from infection
1) Injection of immune globulin: applicable to children with contact viral hepatitis and the earlier injection, the better.
2) Injection of hepatitis B vaccine and immune globulin for hepatitis B: applicable for preventing mother-to-fetus transmission.
The above two methods should be taken under the guidance of doctors.

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