Viral Hepatitis TCM Therapy

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Health care methods for viral hepatitis

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(1) Herbal therapy
1) Internal medicine
a. Damp-heat Retention:
Therapeutic Methods:To clear away heat, remove the toxic substance, promote diuresis and relieve jaundice.
Prescription: Modified Yinchenhao Tang (Herba Artemisiae Scopariae (Yinchenhao) Decoction).

b. Dampness Stagnation in the Spleen:Therapeutic
Methods: To invigorate the spleen, remove dampness and regulate qi and middle energizer.
Prescription: Modified Yinchen Weiling Tang (Poria (Fuling) Decoction for Regulating Stomach with Artemisiae Scopariae).

c. Stagnation of Liver Qi:Therapeutic
Methods:To disperse stagnant liver qi, and regulate qi to stop pain.
Prescription:Modified Chaihu Shugan San (Bupleuri Powder for Soothing Liver Qi).

d. Obstruction of the Collaterals by Blood Stasis:Therapeutic
Methods: To activate blood, remove stasis, eliminate stagnation and dredge the collaterals. 
Prescription: Modified Gexia Zhuyu Tang (Decoction for Removing Blood Stasis under Diaphragm).

e. Deficiency of the Liver and Spleen:Therapeutic
Methods:To invigorate the liver to support the spleen.
Prescription:Modified Gui Shao Liujunzi Tang (Six Mild-Drug Decoction with Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Danggui) and Radix Paeoniae Alba (Baishaoyao),

f. Deficiency of Liver Yin and Kidney Yin: 
Therapeutic Methods: To nourish blood, soothe the liver, nourish yin and tonify the kidney.
Prescription: Modified Yiguan Jian (Ever-effective Decoction for Nourishing Liver and Kidney)
g. Deficiency of Spleen Yang and Kidney Yang:Therapeutic 
Methods: To invigorate the spleen, replenish qi, warm the kidney and nourish yang. 
Prescription: Modified Fuzi Lizhong Wan (Aconiti Lateralis Bolus for Regulating Middle Energizer) and Jingui Shenqi Wan (Pill for Invigorating Kidney Qi from Golden Cabinet).

2) External Application
a. Cortex Phellodendri (HuangBai), Huangqin (Radix Scutellariae ) and Radix et Rhizoma Rhei (Dahuang) in equal proportions and Indigo Naturalis (Qingdai) in half proportion. Grind the drugs into fine powder and mix thoroughly with equal amount of water and honey into paste. Then spread the paste on oilpaper, and apply it to Qimen point (LR 14) on the right hypochondrium, 1 piece a day, 20 days as a treatment course. It is applicable to acute viral hepatitis.

b. Guadi ( Pedicellus Melo Fructus ), Baihujiao( Fructus Piperis ) and Baidingxiang ( Faeces Passeris )in equal proportions. Grind them into fine powder for later use. Insufflate a small amount of the powder into the nostrils until the yellow fluid flows out, once every other day, 10 times being a treatment course. This is suitable for acute icterohepatitis.

c. Maogen ( Herba Ranunculi Japonici, fresh) 50 g and salt 5 g. Crush them into a mash and apply it to the area below the navel or the gluteal region. When vesicles appear, remove the mash, clean with normal saline,prick the vesicles with a sterilized needle to release the yellow fluid, then bandage with antiseptic gauze. This is suitable for hepatitis with marked jaundice.

d. Taoren ( Semen Persicae) 15 g, Xingren ( Semen Armeniacae Amarum) 15 g and Sangshenzi ( Fructus Mori) 15 g. Bake the herbs dry, grind them into fine powder, mix the powder with vinegar and wrap the paste with gauze, then apply the paste to the navel and change the dressing every 2 days. This is suitable for chronic hepatitis with healthy qi deficiency and blood stagnation.

(2) Acupoint Massage
Rubbing the abdomen: the patient should go to empty his bladder first. Then, assume the supine position and flex the knees. If the patient is weak, put a pillow under the popliteal fossa to relax the abdominal muscle. Massage the abdomen with one hand or both. At first, use the pressing and stroking manipulations to massage the abdomen from the right upper side of the abdomen to the centre of the abdomen. Afterwards, adopt the kneading-pinching and vibrating methods.

In addition, it is advisable to use the kneading-pinching method with the palm or rubbing-scrubbing method with the palm. The patients may practice self massage as well. Firstly, scrub-rub the periumbilical region with the right hand in an increasingly large circle for 20 times. Then, use the left hand to massage in the same way for 20 times. Rubbing the back: Place the left hand on the back and rub the back gently upwards and downwards for 20 times. Then, use the right hand to massage the back in the same way for 20 times. Meanwhile, digitally press Ganshu (BL 18), Danshu (BL19) and Weishu (BL21).

(3) Guasha Therapy
The patient takes prone position while the practitioner stands by the left side of the patient whose back is exposed completely. The practitioner wipes some enzymes-reducing liquid (made up by Guasha oil and herbal medicines for clearing heat and detoxifying)evenly on the patient's spinal column and two sides of the bladder channel, and then scrapes the skin with scraping sheet made by ox horn by reducing method for 5-10 minutes until red rashes appear on the skin scraped. After that, cup the skin where the res rashes are dense with vacuum cups and retain the cups for 15minutes. Take the manipulation 2 times a week and 2 weeks make up one course of treatment.

(4) Cupping Therapy
Acupoints selected: Dazhui, Ganshu, Qimen, Weishu or Shenzhu, Dashu, Pishuxue.
Methods: you should adopt acucupping and suck the above acupoints with cups for 10 minutes once a day. Or you should adopt cupping of venesection. You should stab each acupoint with triangle-edged needles and then cup them for 10-15 minutes after flash of fire. Caution that you should do it one time every two days and choose two groups alternatively.

(5) Foot Therapy
Basic reflection area: liver, gallbladder
Related reflection area: lung, stomach, spleen and kidney.
Symptom reflection area: Lymph glands of the upper body and lower body
Take 10-15 times of reflexology therapy as one course of treatmemt, 30-40 minutes for each time, 1-2 times a day. The internal between two courses is 1-2 days. Take foot bath with light salty water to regain the sensitivity of the feet to massage.

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